the infamous "bucket list"

original bucket list info... After my holiday surgery (2008) and not so wonderful prognosis, it was obvious that it was time to start living every day to the fullest.

In my reflection and recovery, I pulled out something Dwayne and I created in 1993 when we met. We each had a "list of things we wanted to do before we died" sadly, only 1 had been marked off in 15 yrs!

The original list contained only 15 items... In the last 6 months, it has grown. After the amazing movie, "The Bucket List," we had a better name for the list. Now we are on a mission to get these done while we can! With a very obtainable list, why were we not checking them off? Simple- when you think you will have a long life, there will ALWAYS be time for things "someday." Well, who knows if that "someday" will be there for us? Nothing is guaranteed.

Kara's bucket list (current)

~ Swim with the dolphins- DONE!
~ Repelling
~ Sailing- DONE!
~ Hot air balloon ride
~ Ski in real snow- was recovering from surgery but got to SEE real snow- considered DONE! (enjoyed seeing hubby and Skyler Ski)
~ Finish and publish my book or any book
~ White water rafting
~ Crash a wedding
~ Go to see Ellen show or Oprah-(got the call for tickets for Ellen
4/29- was in the hospital ...)
~ Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square
~ Ride horseback on the beach
~ Learn to fly a plane-(just get it off the ground)
~ Party all night and watch the sunrise as an adult- DONE!
~ Parasailing- DONE!
~ Make six figures on my own- DONE!
~ Visit Venice with hubby and the kids
~ Visit a vinyard/winery
~ Get a SMALL tattoo- DONE! "LIVE" on right wrist...
~Spend night at the "haunted" Season's Bistro in McDonough- DONE!
~Take or paint a picture someone would proudly hang in their home.
~ Hookah- DONE!
~ This one is my secret...
~ Create something bigger than myself to last far beyond myself...
(working on this)

and then, God willing- these things would be included... (these are out of my control...)
~ See my kids happily married
~ Be a grandparent

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