sometimes time flies- sometimes it stands still...

As I see Christmas decorations start going up around town before Halloween, I recognize how quickly the seasons change and how fast the world is turning. We now live in a world that is so eager to monopolize on the income that is made by holidays that we tend to not even enjoy our days when they are hear because we are forced to prepare for the next big thing instead.

When I reflect on this year at some points I say "wow, this year is almost over." and some days I wonder if the time could go any slower. My outlook is always based on how I feel at the time.

2010 has most definately been the longest and shortest years ever.
I vow to slow down and remember to enjoy every day for what it is and not look too far into the future for I may miss some of the beauty of today.

October 26th... How are you?


  1. Kara, You are the bravest and strongest person I know. I only hope that I can be half the woman you are one day. You are such and inspiration to so many people. Thank you for sharing your life good and bad. You are truely a blessing and what you have gone through and still face today challenges me to be a better person in every word that leaves my mouth and every decision I make. I pray for God's healing hand upon you every day. We love you Butch and Laurie Bryan

  2. I'm so happy to read this in black & white. You & I have had many conversations about your unbelievable energy after being hospitalized & I've always questioned my sanity after hearing your explaination. Your attitude pushed me over many bumps in the past 25 yrs. You know God slowed me down off & on so often that many looked at me as being lazy. You've judged me in the past, but not verbally at the time knowing that would only makes things worse. Your outlook, strength & attitude is amazing, Kara. You've challenged so much, but as a friend it's great to hope you realize you can slow down & live daily at your pace physically. You've always been a leader, enjoy allowing others to fill in that place on bad days. You know my thoughts. People that know me, understand. Peole that THINK they know me, who cares? In very different ways, God has slowed you down for a reason, we know not to question his reasons, you've taught so much to so many about life & I have to use my experience at times to see what others learned from me... You've allowed yourself to be an example to so many I think it's great that you do not even know what you've offered others just by sharing your 'Got Guts' attitude. I know there's been days that you've been perky & energetic when you felt anything but... You ask to be kicked if you appear to be over doing it, I will be glad to kick your hiney!! I'm sure you will not allow to be over protected, but it's nice to know you want close ones to point out that, it might be time to take it easy. At least now, I will know not to question my observation! Along with so many others, I love you Kara!